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A reminder to members that the Annual Fees are due and payable on the 1st January 2019.

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NEWSLETTER – December 2018.

Spring/Summer 2018

The President: After a few months on the sidelines recovering from my fractured ankle, it is very much a relief to be able to get out on the course and play the game that we all love and enjoy so much.

We have now successfully gone through our AGM for 2018 and hence changeover of those on the Management Committee. I would like to thank all members of the previous committee who have now retired, although most are still likely to be active contributing members of this Club. I would particularly like to thank Robin Beck who retired as the last House Director. Robin came to the position with considerable energy, vitality and enthusiasm and she made a great contribution to the Club. She particularly reinvigorated the dinners and other functions and I’m sure those who attended the dinners will agree with me that the quality and the presentation of the dinners was truly excellent. Robin was also instrumental in setting up the House subcommittee and this group had done a considerable amount for the club in a fairly short amount of time.

As I am sure most of you are aware, following the recent SGM, the Management Committee has been reduced from 11 positions to 7 positions and those elected at the AGM are as follows:

President:   Mark Johnson

Vice president House:   Russell (Pup) Hilder

Vice president Greens:   Denis Penshorn

Secretary:   Kerry Williamson

Treasurer:   Bill Denmark

Ladies Captain:   Heather Beaven

Men’s Captain:   Darren Morey

I welcome each of the above and particularly those new (albeit returning) members, Denis and Pup. I have no doubt that this committee will work constructively and well in the interests of progressing our Club.

As I indicated in my recent AGM report, we have been very fortunate to have a manager working in and for the Club with the qualities of Kylie Clark. It therefore came as a great shock to find out that Kylie would be resigning her position and hence leaving the Club. While very surprised and shocked at hearing of Kylie’s impending departure, we nevertheless thank her for all the effort that she has put in with our Club and wish her all the very best for her future at the Atherton Hotel (or elsewhere).

Because of the high regard that Kylie was held by most members of the Club, it was not surprising that many members were very upset about Kylie’s resignation and concerned to try and do whatever possible to keep her at the Club. Many discussions took place at the Club and also, no doubt, by telephone and other places. I personally spoke with quite a few members who expressed their concerns. I therefore hope that the discussion which took place immediately after the conclusion of the AGM will have assisted members to at least have some understanding of what occurred.

Even though Kylie will be leaving us, Brendan has assured me that he is still committed to our Club and will therefore remain to continue all the progressive work that he has done on the course.

The new Management Committee has already conducted its first meeting and one of the main agenda items was the recruitment and appointment of a new manager. With this in mind, a manager selection subcommittee has been formed and this subcommittee is already well underway in the process of finding and appointing a new manager. In the meantime, we have arranged for an interim measure, in the form of a short term contract for a senior bar manager, to be made, so as to tide us over until a new manager is appointed and in place. This will effectively avoid us having to go through the process that we did in December/January, after Alan finished his tenure as manager. Further news on the progress of this process will be provided to you as the process develops.

As most of you would also be aware, the Club has just completed the construction of an additional 10 cart sheds in the hazard area between the practice fairway and the fifth fairway. My thanks go out to Bill Denmark who did a considerable amount of work on the organisation of the construction and Kerry Williamson for supervising the allocation, etc. of the sheds. Thanks also go to those involved in the construction, particularly Kenley Mather, Rod O’Neill and Ivan Taske. Well done everyone!

As I have written on many occasions already, our Club continues to thrive and prosper as a result of the considerable contribution made by volunteers. I thank each and every one of them for the work that they have done. It is always difficult and often unfair to single out any individuals, when so many are contributing as volunteers. However, I would like to particularly mention and thank Mick Buckley for the work that he has been doing on the maintenance of the club golf carts and on his nursery near the work shed.

This is a great Club. Please – help your committee ensure that it continues to be a GREAT Club.

Mark Johnson – President

From the House: It has been very pleasing for me to be part of the House sub-committee for 2018. From the start Robin Beck (House Director), Kerry Williamson, Shelley Broadley and Patsy McMahon have been positive in outlook in wanting to move our Club forward. We have been fortunate in obtaining the services of Kylie Clark as manager to move the Club to a business footing and be constantly looking at new potential revenue streams as well as expanding existing ones.

We have had some fantastic volunteers over the year particularly regarding keeping the Club open and running before Kylie was appointed. Cheryl Piccone has done a lot of work in the bar and kitchen and all members should shout her a drink, if only she hadn’t taken the pledge. The Dawns (Faulkner and Irvine) have also made significant contributions as have Broads, Irish, Tomo, Pup, Jenko, Mick Buckley and the Pres. No doubt I have missed people here and so apologise for that.

Over the year the Clubhouse has been cleaned and the inside has now been painted. Thanks to Craig Withers and his boys for that sterling contribution. The kitchen has been revamped to meet commercial kitchen standards but there is more progress required to replace the tap to allow better cleaning. We have a new till (point-of-sale machine) to drag us into the new century and allow much better financial reporting and we also have a new glass washer, even though there are some electrical hiccups to iron out. In addition Kylie applied for and was successful in the Club receiving a grant to replace the clubhouse carpets. I’m sure that all of you will have noted that this project is now well underway.

We have had a few dinners and all who have attended would no doubt have appreciated the really high standard of fare that Robin and her team have prepared. We are marketing the Club as a venue for small to medium sized events and already a number of bookings have come in. We need to work harder in this area.

Overall I feel a positive vibe about our Club and note the friendly atmosphere generally pervading the place. Our visitor numbers are up and it is also pleasing that Club Members are willingly engaging with our visitors to make their experience a positive one.

Finally, the new Management Committee will soon be in place and it will be quite a bit fewer than previously. The new concept with Vice Presidents for the House and Greens will only be successful if members are willing to participate in Sub-committees associated with those roles. If you have ideas about moving the House or Greens forward, please consider taking on a role in one of the sub-committees. We now have a new Strategic Plan in place and this can be our guiding document for the immediate future.

Kev Shaw House Sub-Committee

From the Captains: 

It’s a great honour to represent the Atherton golf club as captain again in 2019. I look forward to catching up with all members both on and off the course. It’s going to be an exciting year with the improvements and great condition of the course.

I look forward to working with Heather Beaven, the Ladies captain, and wish her and her members a successful year.  Hoping you all meet your individual goals both on and off the course.

Darren Morey Men’s Captain

As newly elected captain for the ladies, I would like to reiterate what I said at the AGM, namely that I will be away quite a lot during 2019, which will prevent me attending a few meetings. This will mean that I will have to rely on the help of some of our ladies. Dee Jierasak has agreed to be vice-captain once again and I greatly appreciate the assistance and the guidance she will give me.

I aim to trial a few changes in the New Year, so the job of ladies captain is a little easier in the future.

For Thursday competitions only:

  • fees to be paid over the bar and not at the starter’s box
  • a roster for putting the field out
  • spreading the load for collection of sponsorship and trophies.

We have a sub-committee of five ladies who are willing to be part of the roster and to assist during my absences, so if any other ladies would like to be of help, please let Dee or myself know?

I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and good golfing.

Heather Beavan – Ladies Captain.

News from the Course:

Musings from D.

Those of you wondering about the poles lying on 14th/15th, wonder no more. They will form part of a timber wall to replace the existing rock wall at base of 15th green as it is re-developed, hopefully in the coming year. Other projects are in the mix as well, as you can see from the excellent progress with the new 16th green.

Course Superintendent Brendan’s excellent & detailed reports are available in the minutes and should you wish to join our small but dedicated group of volunteers, you can catch me in the clubhouse after 4pm (almost) every day.

Denis Penshorn – Vice president Greens


Ten new golf cart sheds have been constructed on course, thanks to the valuable assistance of Bill Denmark and multiple members. The project has been completed in a relatively short time frame and the sheds will be available for use in the very near future. The members involved will be kept updated and advised of their shed number soon.

2019 fees for memberships, cart shed rental, cart levies and so on are due soon and to be paid before January 31st 2019. Fees can be paid at the golf club and, as passed at the AGM, some fees will have increased.

Kerry Williamson Secretary


The year is drawing to a close and this is the last Newsletter before Christmas.

You will probably have noticed a few changes around the course since our last newsletter:

  • We have received four new EZGO golf carts (with super-dooper lithium batteries) which have been put to good use.
  • A Toro ATV has been delivered and is proving very useful about the course.
  • The ten new cart sheds have been completed with some already occupied.

For those who were not present at the AGM, the Club has changed Auditors for the Financial Year 2018-2019. McKinnon and Co from Atherton will carry out those duties, at least until the next AGM.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kylie for her help and wish her well in her future endeavours. Finally, I would like to wish all members and their families a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Bill Denmark Treasurer


Jokes aside:

It was a sunny Saturday morning, a little before 11 AM. I was on the first hole at Atherton Golf Course and beginning my pre-shot routine, when a piercing voice came over the clubhouse loudspeaker:

“Would the gentleman on the ladies’ tee back up to the men’s tee please!”

I could feel every eye on the course looking at me. I was still deep in my routine, seemingly impervious to the interruption.

Again the announcement:

“Would the man on the ladies’ tee kindly back up to the men’s tee.”

I simply ignored the guy and kept concentrating, when once more, the voice yelled:

“Would the man on the ladies’ tee back up to the men’s tee. Please?!?!”

I finally stopped, turned around, cupped my hands and shouted back:

“Would the jerk with the microphone please keep quiet and let me play my second shot!”

Not what you think

Golfer to caddy: “Why do you keep looking at your watch? I find it very distracting.”

Caddy: “It’s not a watch, Sir. It’s a compass.”

Playing with Charlie (name interchangeable)

“Bad day at the course,” a guy tells his wife. “Charlie had a heart attack on the 3rd hole.”

“That’s terrible!” says the wife.

“You’re telling me, the husband replies. “All day it was hit the ball, drag Charlie.”




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